Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rantings of a frustrated manager

For all of you managers or trainers out there, help me out. When someone says they learn best when they see something in writing and you start writing things down or emailing them so they understand the detailed instructions... but they still don't get it... what do you do next? I have worked with a lot of different personalities and understand well that everyone learns differently. However, on a couple of occassions I have been completely perplexed and at my witts end.

When explaining a task or expectation to an employee, I like to use varying techniques for those that learn differently... some are visual learners, some auditory, and some are hands-on. So, if I explain something to someone verbally, follow that up with having them take notes and explain it back to me, and then have them watch me do a task and then allow them to do the task while I watch, and follow that up with an email with detailed directions... HOW ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH CAN THEY NOT UNDERSTAND IT AFTER ALL OF THAT??!!?!?!

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I miss 8 hour work days

In the world we live in where layoffs trickle down more and more work to less and less employees, 8 hour work days are just a luxury many of us don't ever get to enjoy. I routinely have 20 hours worth of work that I need to get done in an 8 hour day, and it just doesn't work. My lunch hours are a distant memory, breaks... what are those? In fact, it's nearly 10pm and I am just taking a brief break to vent here while a file downloads so that I can get a bit more work done before I get to bed and wake up to start all over again starting around 7am. 7am to 10pm... not your average work day, but it is just a day in the life for me.

New Tweeter

Hello All! So... once upon a time I was hesitant to try MySpace but because everyone bugged me about it... I finally set up a profile. Then it was on to Facebook to find my other friends and co-workers that felt Facebook was better. Now tweeting is all the rage, and I must say... I've become a social network addict... so why not tweet?!

So... just a high level overview about me... I am an HR (Human Resource) professional with nearly 10 years experience. 6 years of dedicated recruiting experience with high volume hiring needs in call centers and 1 year dedicated to employee benefits, and all of my career has been focused on employee relations and the employee experience.

I love to help people find a career that they can both enjoy and be successful at, and in this economy it is nice to be working with a company that is actually still offering jobs... OKAY... I have to do it... here is my little plug for work... (If you know anyone or know anyone that knows anyone that has lost a job and is tech savvy... send them my way! I hire for tech support positions for Sprint, and the website to apply is

Well, that is all for now...

... until next time....